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You're probably thinking, "wow, it's way too early to even think about booking my senior session!" Guess, what? That is not the case!

Amazing sessions, don't just happen! We will be helping you plan & prepare for your session in advance, so you will have the best senior portrait experience & get amazing images!

Below are some of the reasons why booking early is the right thing to do:

  1. Booking early obviously means more prep time, like we said great senior sessions don't just happen. Plan ahead & prepare for everything, so your senior session is a great memory & "picture perfect"!

  2. The best session dates book up fast! Booking early means there are more dates available & you get a date that works for you!

  3. Sometimes things happen like rain or illness. Booking early allows for those reschedules when necessary & doesn't leave you panicking!

  4. Don't forget the-mani pedi! Booking early allows you to also get your fingers & toes on the calendar & not trying to squeeze in a last minute appointment the night before. Yes, fingers & toes matter & will show in your senior portraits!

  5. When you book your senior session with MJ Studios we will send you lot's of helpful tips & tools to help you have the most perfect senior there is no need to stress! Booking early gives you plenty of time to create your PINTEREST INSPO BOARD for hair & makeup ideas, along with pic ideas. We want to have your input...what do you envision? This also allows for time toschedule your virtual fashion consult & discuss wardrobe & session ideas! You will have help every step of the way & booking advance gives you plenty of time to dream & think out your senior portrait session!

So, there are some the reasons it is best to book your senior portrait session early! We put a lot into creating a custom senior session & plan it out in advance. Are you wanting the perfect custom senior session? Reach out today so we can start planning!

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Mar 07, 2023

The details (like fingers and toes) matter!!

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