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         C/O 2025 
Senior Model Search


How to Become a Senior Model


Becoming an MJ Senior Model is a fun opportunity to feel like a model.  We are looking for nice people who will represent MJ Studios in a positive light on social media platforms and in person.  Essentially a brand influencer.

WHAT DO YOU DO?  It's pretty simple...if you are selected to be a Senior Model, you will agree to allow us to use your images to promote the studio and the senior portrait experience. You might see your images on videos, social media, print ads, display, & more! You will agree to use MJ as your exclusive senior portrait photographer (excluding school sports portraits). 

As a model you will be required to book  "THE LUXE SESSION"  (click to find out more about this portrait session.)  Of course, we will give it to you at a discount and as a model you will also be eligible for fun group sessions and extra perks throughout the year, at no cost to you!  If you are looking for amazing images and a fun to the left for more information and fill out our model application.  Be sure to get permission from your parents to apply.   What are you waiting for, we want to hear from you!

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