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What Your Friends Are Saying



issy was super fun, outgoing, personable, & she definitely

knew what she was doing!  She gave me tips throughout

the shoot, different locations, & different poses.

Bailee Testimonial.jpg

"The pictures turned out so perfect & I would 100%
recommend her
to anyone!"

Missy & Jason were


Savannah testimonial.jpg


y photo shoot with Missy

was so much fun! She was

very creative & out of the 

box with poses & ideas she had.

She let me express myself & be

creative & do what I wanted to.

She really hyped me up & made

me feel good about myself & 

"there was never a moment, I didn't have a smile on my


Missy is very sweet & nice &

was very helpful in making my

Senior Portraits turn out great!  I was very happy with the outcome

and would let her take my portraits again in a heartbeat!




had my pictures done with 

MJ Studios and had two 

different in

the fall and one in summer. 

My overall experience was  

awesome!  Missy was so fun to

be around & made the whole

experience fun!  My mom & I

enjoyed the whole experience.

"I felt confident & 

important, because all they cared about was me & how I was 


Missy & Jason were so kind & their finished work was even better.

I didn't not like any of my finished pictures!



Natalie Senior review.jpg


Studios is amazing.


I felt very comfortable &

confident with them.   

Missy & Jason are very nice & they

  made my session so much fun!

"I felt like I could be

myself around them."

The pictures that they have posted,

my family & friends love them!

Ever since I was little, I wanted my

pictures taken at a farm with my

animals. They drove from their 

studio in Indiana to my hometown

in Ohio, so I could get pictures

with my animals.  Again, MJ Studios is amazing!



body, which was a 

a worry. I also loved

comfortable in my own

Missy made me feel so 


"I had the best

experience with

MJ Studios!

being an ambassador this year!  It gave me so many amazing

experiences and I got to meet such amazing girls! The photos 

all came out great and I'm so excited to finish my senior year with 

with more photo shoots!  I highly recommend MJ Studios for 



issy absolutely blew me away

with how wonderful everything

was. I was super nervous & she

made everything so effortless and

relaxed. She always asked me how 

I felt & my opinions on everything.

"It was awesome!"

Super happy with how amazing my

photos turned out, she did an 

outstanding job!

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