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3 Summer Senior Session Props

Senior Girl pics with sunglasses & pink door
Summer Senior Session

3 of our favorite summer session props!

1. SUNNIES What's more summer than a fun pair of sunnies?! Not only are they a perfect prop for your summer senior session with lot's of posing options, but a great way to show your style! Bring your own or choose a pair from our "STYLE CLOSET"!

2. HATS I've said it before & I will say it again....HATS! I love hat's for almost every wardrobe option, but you should try a hat for at least one outfit! Gives a little extra style to your wardrobe... wear one or use it as a prop for your summer senior session! We have lot's of options for you to choose from!

3. FLORALS Florals are a great item to use for your summer senior session! We love adding a pop of color to your session & once again, their are lot's of fun posing options! That's why florals are one of our 3 summer senior session props!

Senior Girl with hat & florals
senior pic with florals and hat

Senior Girl Session with Vintage truck & Hat
Senior Girl with Vintage Truck


Don't forget that our two most popular sessions also allow you to bring your own props, like your sports or hobby gear or your favorite pet!

Imagine picking fresh flowers from your Grandmas flower garden or adding dads old cowboy much more will your senior portraits mean to you in they years to come?

Just be sure to let us know PRIOR to your senior session what you will be bringing & what you have in mind. We will do our best to make your senior session unique to you!

Use to CONTACT US button above for questions or to book. Let's get started planning your perfect senior session!!


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