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4 Must Have Items To Bring To Your Senior Session

1️⃣ BUG SPRAY: You never know where we might end up during your session, so bringing bug spray to keep mosquitoes away is a must.

2️⃣ AN EXTRA OUTFIT: Things happen. You get to your session and second guess one of your outfits.'re changing and you hear a rip and you're left with a big hole. Trust us, a backup is a great idea!

3️⃣ LOTION: Dry skin will show up in your portraits. So moisturizing your skin will give you a fresh glow outside and make you feel more confident.

4️⃣ SNACKS & WATER: The best way to stay happy and energized throughout your session is to stay fed and hydrated! Your session can take a couple of hours and can leave you feeling hungry and worn out...we don't want any hangry pics! Bring a straw to drink out of and small bite size snacks to easily pop in your mouth and keep your lips picture perfect!

🎰BONUS: Don't forget to pack your EMERGENCY KIT

⁉️If you don't know what an EMERGENCY KIT should worries! We actually have a FREE GUIDE to help your prepare for those session day emergencies!



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