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Tip's For Your Spring High School Senior Session

Top 5 Spring Senior Session Tip's

Let's face it spring weather can be a little unpredictable. You could end up with a gorgeous 75 degree day or a cold damp day. Regardless, you want you images to "feel" like spring, but how do you do that? Below are a few of my best tip's:

  1. Wear a jumpsuit with light or floral colors for your senior session. Jumpsuits tend to feel springy & look great on most people.

  2. Adding "spring colors" or floral prints to your senior portrait wardrobe can definitely make a difference in the seasonal feel of your session! Floral prints are beautiful in tops, dresses, & more!

  3. Layers...everyone knows that you may need layers in the spring, so add a jacket or a jean shirt. Not only will this give you a variety in posing options, but it is practical, too! You don't have to wear it in every shot, but a jacket or jean shirt may just come in handy if you get one of those cold damp spring days.

  4. Don't forget to add a colorful hat to your spring senior session wardrobe! A light pink will add some fun to your outfit & the perfect spring color!

  5. Spring props are a great way to ensure your session "feels like spring". Depending on the weather, there may or may not be real spring blooms. Think outside the box & bring a fresh bouquet of flowers & your sunglasses. We love to use one of our bikes for seniors sessions...adding some colorful floral's in the basket is so much fun!

Hopefully, this helps you prepare for your perfect senior session! If you want more senior session tip's & trick's be sure to follow us on the social platforms & subscribe.

Don't worry, we still have some more trick's up our sleeve for an amazing senior session! Even if spring isn't the right season for you, we will make your senior session a fun experience with amazing images! Contact us today for questions or to get your senior session on the books!


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