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TOP 3 Cap 'N Gown Poses

My favorite cap 'n gown poses for high school & college Grads!

Cap 'N Gown Pose with tassel

It's Grad Portrait time & here are my Top 3 must have Cap 'N Gown poses: 1. The classic full body showing off your cap 'n gown: this one speaks for itself. However, there are lots of posing options, stand, sit, over the shoulder, walking away, leaning on a wall. Lot's of options the parents & grands will love!

2. The close up with a great view of your tassel: you can look straight at the camera, or look away or look down a little touch to the tassel for a variation works, too! This is my FAVE!

3. Gown over the shoulder: a more casual fun pose. Don't be afraid to show some sass in this one!

Above are some samples of my top 3 cap 'n gown poses: including my fave!

Cap N Gown Pose with Hand on Hip

High School Cap 'N Gown Portraits are really about documenting a milestone achievement. This is it...on to the next chapter of your life!

You can customize your cap 'n gown session even more by adding in your college acceptance letter or college swag like a banner or pennant! Let's not forget your BFF or even a great professional pic with mom & dad!

Ready to Book?

Make sure you know when you will have your cap 'n gown in your possession & then reach out. We offer a Spring Cap 'N Gown Session that includes your session plus digital images. Use the button below to CONTACT US for more information or to schedule your session.


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