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Tip's For Sending Out Your High School Grad Invites

Grad Cards are a popular product to use your senior portraits in. Here are a few quick tip's for sending out your Grad Card Invites!

  1. Send your Graduation Invitations 6-8 weeks prior to your Open House or Party. Typically etiquette dictates sending out invites 3-4 weeks in advance, but during Grad Party Season many people get more than one invite, so this helps them plan out in advance.

2. Check your guest list & be sure to order a few more than you are expected

to need. It's always better to play it safe & have a few extra invites on hand for

those "oops, we missed them" moments.

3. Don't forget Thank You's! You are bound to receive gifts, so Thank You's are a

must have in your Grad Card Collection.

Thank Your Card Tip's

Show your appreciation for your gifts with a handwritten note.

  1. Thank your guest for the specific they gave you.

  2. Include a note on how you plan to use the graduation gift.

  3. Consider sharing a fun moment you had with them at your celebration.

  4. Try not to write your Thank You Cards all at once. Break it up over a few days to ensure that your words are thoughtfully written.

  5. Thank You Cards should be sent out within one month of your party or within one month of receiving your gift.

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