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5 Senior Session Mistakes to Avoid & What To D0 Instead

Senior Session Mistakes & What to Do Instead
Senior Session Mistakes

As a High School Senior Photographer for over 20 years, I have lots of knowledge on how to have the best stress free session senior session & mistakes to avoid

  1.  Not Reading Your Session Prep Material  It's all in the prep! I always say the #1 tip for an amazing senior session if prep! If you do not prepare for your senior session, it will 100% show in your pics! When you book with MJ Studios we will provide you with some amazing Senior Session prep materials. The Session Packing List helps you pack your bag for your session, so you do not forget anything & The Style & Session Guide covers everything from Hair & Makeup tips to the wardrobe planning! Let's not forget the Nail Guide. Busted nails can distract from the perfect image & our guide will help you get your hands & nails looking picture perfect for your senior session! The key is actually reading & following these helpful tip's & tricks!

  1. Chapped Lips  Will definitely show up in your pictures! They show through lipstick & lip gloss & are extremely difficult to Photoshop. So, take this pro tip to have smooth & healthy lips-ready for your smile! One week prior to your session (at night before bed) brush your lips with your toothbrush & then slather on your fave lip treatment! Burt's Bees, Blistex, Vaseline, etc Your lips will be soft & smooth in no time!

  1.  Lack of Variety In Session Wardrobe  Variety is the spice of life & the key to a well balanced senior session! Choose to go with variety in clothing ...for instance don't bring all dresses or all jeans, mix it up a bit! Don't just think variety in actual pieces, but also style....sophisticated, casual, trendy, etc. Let's not forget color! Choose a variety of colors that compliment your skin tone. Maybe a cute romper in an unexpected color or a hat in a fun color to add a pop.


  1.  Faux Tanning We understand that you want to have an amazing tan for your session. However, do NOT run out the day prior to your session & get a spray tan! The color will not look natural & it can not be fixed in Photoshop. If you just have to have a spray tan follow these important tips: Do NOT get a spray tan within 3 days of your senior session. The color needs time to set. Be sure to exfoliate & scrub your ankles, wrists, knees, knuckles, & then moisturize really well! As an alternative, consider using a slow-build self tanner the month prior to your senior session. First use a base moisturizer and then layer the self tanner over the top.


  1. Not booking Early  Your Senior Sessions is not the time to wait until the last minute! There are sooo many reasons to get your senior session booked early. One thing for sure is that your Senior Year will be a busy year with lots of deadlines. College applications, cap n gown orders, banquets, & more! So, don't wait until your senior year is in full swing and decide to try & schedule a senior session around your very busy schedule. Get your pics taken in the summer prior to the school year starting & avoid the extra stress. Plus, keep in mind your schedule is not the only one to work around. Busy photographers often book out months in advance & the senior session timeline should also include editing time, product design print & delivery, yearbook deadlines, etc. Don't forget session prep time...remember prep is key to an amazing session! There are other appointments to be made once you book your senior session, shopping, & session prep to be done.

Hopefully these tips will help you have a stress free senior session & avoid these 5 common mistakes!

As a bonus, don't forget to grab our FREE PERFECT COLOR GUIDE HERE . This free guide will help you choose the best colors for your skin tone!

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